4th place for fireworks shot

This is a re-post of an old post that was mislaid when the site went through several transitions.

I only entered this competition as my wife and daughter said I was well in with a chance. It’s really nice to have two adoring fans, even if they are family.

For those not from Norfolk and in particular Cromer, this is an annual event held on the evening of the New Year day. The fireworks are launched from the Cromer pier and usually last a good half hour. Well worth the trip and all the collections made at the event go to good charitable causes.

The place I chose to get this shot was opposite the Rocket House cafe, next to the local slipway access to the beach. There the sea-wall is not too high but enough to not get any members of the public in the way of my shot. The year that I took this shot, the general theme was ‘Red’ to commemorate the centenary celebration of the ‘Poppy’.

Judge David Morris said of my photo:

This is a cracking shot, a nice composition and pin-sharp fireworks, what else do you want?

Usually, there are only three awards made, but on this particular year (2014) they decided to award me a fourth place as it was too hard to decide on just three shots. I was so pleased and proud to have been given this chance.

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