About Me

A little biography to introduce myself,
along with a candid shot taken by my daughter.

Michael ‘Muz’ Muscroft
Photographer | Artist | Writer

I consider myself very fortunate to have a mind that is able to see the world differently from others. That’s not to say that I am special or unique, but that I visualise what I see in a creative way. As a child, I would often be lost in a world of fantasy and adventure and it was I believe this over-active imagination that gave rise to my artistic talents.

Then as a teenager, my father introduced me to photography and a whole new world opened up before me. I started to see the real world for all its beauty and splendour, and instead of creating worlds in my head I was now able to create images directly from what was around me.

As we all know, art is subjective and generally “in the eye of the beholder”. What I see as art may not be the same for anyone else, but I sincerely hope that if I was to make just one connection with someone who views my art the way I do, I will be a very happy man.

Now, of course, the advent of such fantastic computer software enables me to travel back in a full circle to my youth. Once again I can create photographic art from my imagination by taking images and creatively adjusting them, not just as what is called composites, but to dodge and burn, colour cast and more with such ease.

The digital world truly brings about the ease of manipulation without the chemical darkroom, something we older guys had to do to get our images processed as we wanted them. I still admire those who have continued using such techniques, as it really does take a considerable amount of hard work, knowledge and experience.

Photography and my Christian faith are what gets me going and thinking. You know when the light is just right or when you should click the shutter, very much like knowing when to change gear and how much power to apply as you cruise through a series of bends.

Another of the great benefits for me that comes from my photography, art and riding is to combat my black moods, something most people don’t like to mention, but why not?

Mental health issues have plagued me for most of my adult life since I was 22yrs old, along with some of my more physical issues – MS, Angina (3 heart attacks), Occupational Asthma, Deafness (BAHA1 fitted) and now (2016), a diagnosis of short-term memory loss issues.

So I say to you go ahead, shout it out, get rid of that all-consuming fear of the Black Dog2 and start by living with it, not against it.

Embrace it and accept that this is you and no amount of therapy or drugs3 can get rid of it, but you can work with it.

Do stuff that makes you happy, even for a short time. I enjoy getting out on my motorcycle as and when my health permits, it gives me a bigger grin on my face than the ‘Cheshire Cat’ has. But I digress, as usual…

So I leave it up to you to judge my work and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my art as I see it, not as perhaps the rest of the world might. If any of my work affects you in any way, please do make a comment or email me with how it made you feel. I look forward to all types of criticisms, regardless of being positive or negative, after all, that’s how we learn.

Bless you, Muz


  1. Bone Anchored Hearing Aid
  2. Carol Breckenridge, “Leading Churchill Myths – The Myth of the “Black Dog”, in ed., (1): 28-Accessed May 19, 2017, https://www.winstonchurchill.org/publications/finest-hour/finest-hour-155/the-myth-of-the-black-dog
  3. Please be aware that I am not a professional within this field nor am I medically trained in any way, so do consult with your doctor or other professional before taking my advice or altering your lifestyle in any way

A few mentions

From the press and other sources

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Cromer fireworks judge David Morris said of Michaels photo “This is a cracking shot, a nice composition and pin-sharp fireworks, what else do you want?”

Network Norwich

Norwich Christian photographer, Mike Muscroft, has just been awarded the prestigious Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain for his creative work (2009).

Network Norwich

An event where I was asked to take some casual images to be used on their website but was also picked up by a Christian Online News company.