I’m so proud…

What parent could not be proud of their daughter, as she experiences the Holy Spirit at Spring Harvest 2018 in Skegness (Butlins), UK.

When she went to this event with her mum and other friends from our church, she was not very well at all. She had been up for the last few nights with some kind of virus and had not eaten for 3 days. She is a real trouper with a sense of honour that most adults wouldn’t even understand.

Coping with all the pressures of her ‘A’ level studies, friends that really don’t understand or care about her, getting bullied (dissed) at school for doing her Vlogging and being a Christian by (* sorry – it would be against the law for me to name the culprits here as they may be offended)!

I’ve seen this sweet girl break down in tears when she heard the lyrics to a song they did about her online last year, and this year I saw her going through that same hurt and humiliation when she saw the video they put on YouTube and Google+

But then as starange as it seems, I read that very week an article written by columnist Sarah Vine1 for the Daily Mail. It makes good reading as she shares her own motherly views about the internet, which she describes as the ‘sewer’.

But my Grace has not stopped Vlogging and having watched her latest one, I could not have been more proud when I saw in the last couple of minutes how emotional she was. But this time it was because of the love of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

So I have clipped that moment from her Vlog and you can see it below, enjoy how God is working miracles with the youth of today who are suffering from a society that in the main, does not care unless you’re a material object or wear designer labels.

Thank you for taking the time to share with me, this proud moment.



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