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Taking care of your data is one of my top priorities. It’s why I want you to know that I’ve recently updated my Privacy Policy, which sets out how I collect, protect, use and share your personal information.

I have also set in place a secure method of how my website interacts with your computer, this you can see in your address bar above, which will show my website URL as https and a little padlock symbol preceding it. This ensures that you know that any data passing between my website and your computer, is fully encrypted and secure.

Why I collect your data

I want you to have the best possible experience whilst visiting my website. To make sure that happens, it helps me to know something about you, such as what you’re interested in, any motorcycle(s) you might own, what kind of images or art you like.

How I use your data

Based on your data I’ll send you information I hope you’ll find useful. For example, if I know which images you like, I might send you handy tips to other similar images.

Who I share your data with

I will never sell your data to others. The most I will ever do is share bits of it with my trusted third-party suppliers that I use, like payment gateways to accept payments from you if you purchase one of my images.

Your rights over your data

Data protection law gives you important rights over the information I hold. These include the right to find out what relevant personal data I process, correct any errors, delete your data or ask me to stop using it to send you marketing communications.

Rest assured that you don’t need to take any action. This informative post is simply for guidance and reassurance and to let you know that I’m on the job when it comes to your data. You can read the full details of my policies I have in place by using the links below and I sincerely hope they will alleviate any fears you may have regarding the various rules that I adhere to in order to use your data in a responsible manner.

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

Terms & Conditions

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